We are pleased to introduce Global Services Consultancy (GSC) as a proactive organization based in London, UK specialising in Web Development, Website Design with interactive Flash & Multimedia Animation, Web Hosting, Customised Web based Application and Software Development, Networking Solutions, IT Support, IT services, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing, Web Promotion and Consultancy Services. Started in 2005; its main objective has been to provide state-of-the- art products and services in the field of Information Technology.
The enthusiasm and commitment of a young team of computer professionals resulted in the formation of Global Services Consultancy The information technology-driven economy is poised to bring sweeping changes to the future. Over 200 million people in the world are projected to have Internet access by the turn of this century. Large and small companies of all types are taking advantage of the Internet's vast business potential to their own benefits.
We have a state-of-the-art development center, located at a prime location in London, and provides us with the dual benefits of cost-effectiveness and high development pace. We have full-fledged R&D facilities to meet the client demands in the ever-changing technologies.

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