Regular scheduled site visits
A lot of our work can be completed remotely, saving you time and money. But there are times when you might prefer to have a member of our engineering team on-site for a more 'hands on' approach to your technical support, or for a scheduled 'health check'.

When combined with a strategically planned approach to your IT, this adds up to the ultimate in proactive support of your network.
At a glance
  • Planned site visits as frequently as your business needs them
  • Personal relationship with your Account Manager
  • Strategic guidance, face-to-face
  • Consultation with your users to find the issues that matter
On-site engineers build a relationship with your staff
When you work with GSC, we'll plan a visit schedule from day one. It could be once a quarter, monthly, or even every week after a major upgrade or new system install. GSC has even placed engineers permanently on-site with customers, when the situation demands.

Your on-site engineer in effect becomes your IT Manager. Not only does he or she know your network inside out, but also builds a relationship with you and your team.

In our experience, there's simply no substitute for walking the floors and talking to real users. GSC takes the time to understand the day to day issues, like a slow connection or an inadequate printers; making sure we work on thing your staff might need, but don't always know how to ask for.

It can also be cost-efficient for your staff to 'save up' some minor issues and get help with them during a site visit.

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