SmartTill for Accommodation

Accommodation venues have to prove themselves as experts in all aspects of the hospitality sector, with huge demands being placed on each area of your business from guests who are intimately involved with your business, as they have chosen to live with you for a short time. Front of House, Food and Beverage, Property Management, Client Relationship Management, the list of essential elements appears endless. At GSC we take the supply of management systems to Hotels extremely seriously.

Ongoing service and supplier relationships are critical to your success, that is why it makes sense to heap the responsibility of quality supply to your suppliers. GSC offer all of the above on a contract free program, PMS, EPOS, CRM & even web marketing delivered with no capital outlay. You only pay for what you get.

With installations ranging from 500+ room city centre hotels and luxurious resorts such as DDBC to small comfortable English lodgings our packages are a must for any accommodation venue on the move.

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