SmartTill for Restaurants and Eateries

Nowhere else are the demands on EPOS systems greater than the fast paced and unique restaurant environment, customer's demand unique and almost comical menu alterations, front and back house need to communicate quickly and accurately, while stock and customers bills are moving around venues faster than seems possible.

Our systems incorporates more features than any other EPOS system, with split bills, hand held ordering, home delivery, internet orders, graphical restaurant layouts and much more. Systems with remote printers are available for £25 pw.

All you need do is give us the details of your products and prices and we do the rest, we can have your EPOS installed in no time at all

You may opt to add more SmartTills or hand held SmartPads at any stage, set up remote orders to your kitchen or talk to us about giving your remote internet based access to your live data, all this plus much more is available on our contract free rental.

Contact us for a free demo and advice on setting up the ideal EPOS system for your restaurant today

* There is a base deposit of £400 that you will be reimbursed when you terminate the rental agreement and return the equipment.