GSC is proud to bring to the European market the remarkable BEpoz Hospitality Epos Software.

Built on 30 years of development and experience the BEpoz software offers a new dimension in the world of Hospitality EPOS solution.
Flexibility, durability and cost-effectiveness are at the core of any GSC Hospitality EPOS system.
Every delivery is a unique solution taking into account the varying needs of our clients. Focus is on client follow-up, training, and 24/365 support.
Based on BEpoz modular flexibility we specialise in providing turn key POS solutions including hardware, software and management training. The combination leaves you with simply the best Hospitality EPOS, stock management and marketing tools available.
And you can but you don't have to buy the equipment. GSC offers POS rental agreements with no strings attached. You pay as you go and you are free to leave at short notice.
Many clients have been able to incorporate some or all of their existing POS hardware
The BEpoz solution
BEpoz SmartTill is built on Windows CE, which is an operating system optimized for devices that have minimal storage. This gives BEpoz a perfect blend of application power and network reliability.
The Back Office Advantages
  • Real-time FIFO or average cost inventory tracking
  • Control stock and pricing in multiple locations
  • Live Return on investment, under/over stock and purchase order creation
  • Easy stocktaking options, even while you're trading.
  • Live graphs or export into excel
  • Powerful analytical and period summary reporting
  • A full messaging menu: SMS & Email functionality from your POS
EPOS Terminals
  • 12'' or 15'' Touch Screen and handheld wireless terminals
  • All terminals runs off a Microsoft Windows CE operating system on a compact flash card
  • Quick, intuitive and user-friendly
  • Robust and spill - proof, no moving or looseparts!
  • No hard disk, no viruses and no noisy fans
  • Efficient technology improves customer service
  • Individual security levels for all personel
  • Individual choice of signing in; Card swipe, Fobs, Finger print reader or just simply individual log on numbers....your choice!
  • All EPOS devices can run with or without the system server.
Security & Reduce Shrinkage
  • We do not have a security device however it may help you reduce theft. The automated, real-time stock control acts as a strong deterrent to the growingproblem of internal theft. You'll also know exactly which employee was at each register in order to track responsibility for missing stock. BEpoz can also be linked to your video surveillance system.
  • Minimal Downtime: BEpoz is built tough to withstand the rigours of the hospitality and food service environment. Our Smart Till touch screen terminal runs Microsoft Windows CE operating system

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