Industry Leading POS Handheld Functionality-Sleek-Cost Effective

The SmartPad is in essence a SmartTill in the palm of your hand. The SmartPad has every function that is available on the SmartTill. Enabling you to take your hospitality EPOS system to your clients, creating efficiencies, improving productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The SmartPad functionality includes taking orders, kitchen printing, processing payments, print product comments for tasting notes, add new members to the system, process client orders, set up home delivery orders, change prices, add scan codes, take reports and even process stock takes. All of this POS functionality in the palm of your hand.

The SmartPad can be taken away from your venue. Acting as a standalone EPOS solution. Upon return, it synchronises with Back Office to update sales and stock. Imagine running dry tills for small or large functions anywhere on the planet without losing control of your customers, staff, stock and cash.

SmartPads are used around the world to drastically improve service, reduce order times, increase table turnover, and reduce the wage bill, whilst adding to the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

And you don't have to buy the equipment. GSC offers epos rental agreements with no strings attached. You pay as you go - and you are free to leave at short notice.

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