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Using Windows CE allows BEpoz to include only the pieces of the operating system we truly need removing all extras that serve to only add complexity, strain and point of failure. It also has the added advantage of working on smaller, less demanding processors, such as we would expect to find is mobile devices.

As a result, our SmartTill and SmartPad have the same features and functionality since they run on the same software.

As Windows CE allows us to build our OS in individual blocks rather than the average off-the-shelf solution it is impervious to software virus attacks. Each build of the system is unique and it is virtually impossible for virus writers to anticipate a specific build.

Designing our software to thrive in a mobile environment ensures that the finished result will be expecting network outages and have maximum resilience to this. All our EPOS devices will work without the network and have built in smart technologies to gauge network status and where possible adapt to changing circumstances.

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