Feature Description
  • Managing Recruitment/ Application Tracking
  • Managing Employee Information
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Managing Employee Attendance
  • Training Management
  • Appraisal /Transfer / Promotion track
  • Managing Employee Leave/Holiday Request
  • Expense Management
  • Integrated client-editable letter templates
  • Document Check list
  • Client Branding
  • Reporting
  • Managing Performance & Tracking system
  • Integrate with Biometric Machine (Optional)
  • Security & User Right Management
  • Multi Company / Branch/ User setup
  • Configurable Automated Workflow
Features & Benefits
Online HRMS provide the features mentioned below :
  • Easy to Install, Implement & Use
  • Facility to create multiple company and multiple branches by using one Database for all.
  • There will be three login panel
  • Main Administrator
  • Branch Administrator
  • Employee self service
  • Security of data & Rights management
  • Permission to create bulk users at a time and give rights to users to manage modules.
  • GSC Web based HRMS Software the simple and effective online system that provides employer everything for accurate and confidently track every aspect of employees Or contract workers.
  • Online HRMS Software will reduce the work load of HR, employees of company and other staff.
  • In addition to that it also facilitates faster access of HR related information of various branches.
  • It manages the entire information of the Employees from the time they are recruited till the time they leave the company.
  • Detail Dashboard and graphical reports show all scenario of the system to HR and Management.
  • Reporting and analysis tools to get HR information to take business decisions.

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