Printed leaflets and flyers have been around for years, and as they remain an effective form of marketing, they will be around for many years to come. However the birth of internet and email has opened up a whole new avenue of marketing to your customers. You no longer need to actually post out physical letters to deliver your message. Quality marketing can be sent instantly by email.
The Benefits
The benefits to such an approach are numerous. For one thing, the physical sending costs are much lower, allowing you to target a much higher number of people cost effectively. Additionally you aren't tied to the delays of the postal system, so if you have an event coming up in a matter of days you can get your marketing out fast. Response rates are also high compared to many of the traditional forms of marketing, with an average of 25%. It's a green form of marketing too saving on paper and transportation.
What makes GSC Different?
It is of course quite simple to just send out an email to a lot of people. It's doing it effectively that makes all the difference and engages your customers, and is what sets us apart. At GSC , we work to make all marketing campaigns as effective as possible. Our team of designers will set to work to produce the best look and feel possible which matches your brand and delivers your message with impact. This is then passed to the in house technical team, who go to great lengths to ensure the campaign will display the best across the multitude of different email programs and providers out there. Additionally they perform multiple checks and can provide advice to minimise the chances of your message being inadvertently blocked as spam, a vital step often missed by many. As a result we are averaging 40-50% open rates.
Campaign Monitoring Report
After sending, a detailed list of statistics can be viewed on every campaign delivered. This allows you to see where customers respond positively, or indeed where they respond negatively. It's something which can often be hard to gauge with traditional marketing techniques but the email marketing results are an invaluable tool for planning and considering future campaigns.

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