Drive business efficiency

GSC can advise smaller to medium-sized businesses on keeping your systems aligned with your needs, including system design changes and upgrades. Better still, we can put them in place with the minimum of interruption to your operations.
What GSC Provide
  • Upgrading systems and applications without fuss or downtime
  • Tailored service for smaller to mid-sized businesses
  • Costed and delivered for a fixed price
New competitive advantages
At GSC we are also constantly watching and testing new technologies. So the moment a new solution becomes available that could give your company a competitive advantage and save you money in the long term, we're onto it. GSC can keep you at the forefront of business efficiency.
Fuss-free upgrades and transitions
Typical upgrades could include adding new servers to accommodate more staff, or moving servers to virtual platforms to reduce costs. Or perhaps you're short of the time or the in-house skills to upgrade your systems. It’s a common problem, especially with small to medium-sized businesses or start-ups. For example, most companies upgrade their Exchange server every three or four years. Our team does it month in, month out - so we're up-to-date with the latest knowledge and we know exactly what to expect. We are also experts at moving applications from your own servers to hosted web-based services - something that's becoming increasingly attractive to smaller businesses.

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